Tiny Twirlers, New Session Starts March 3rd!

Friday, November 24, 2017


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Tiny Twirlers: 2-3 yr olds

Does your little one like to twirl, spin and dance? Have yourchild dance with us in our Tiny Twirlers program. We will introduce our students to movement and dance activities that will keep them twirling, prancing and Happy all class long. 

Tiny Twirlers is a dance program designed with the specific needs of a 2 year old in mind. For that reason our class will use the parents to help us to orient their child to the workings of a classroom while at the same time encouraging the child's natural movement. Students will be introduced to basic dance moves and develop gross and fine motor skills, a sense of musicality, they will learn to follow direction, take turns, as well as develop social skills.The class is a  ½ hr creative movement class and movement activities.  Lots of fun, smiles, and movement exploration in this class! 


Pink Ballet shoes, any style leotard and tights or comfortable clothes.


Tiny Twirlers 30 min per week:

Saturday 9:00-9:30.

Session 4: March 3rd through May 19th.

No classes March 31st and April 21st (10 weeks)

Tuition $110.00 



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