Dazzling Dancers Infomation

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Is your child a Dazzling Dancer? Does your child love to spin, twirl and dance around. Dance Dynamics has the perfect class for her! It's our Dazzling Dancers classes for students ages (3-7)
These classes are filled with opportunities for your little one to set her imagination free. 
Each class is structured to nurture our dancers as the little people they are, while developing and encouraging their magical imagination, and their high energetic spirit. These classes are sure to bring a beaming smile to your little ones face!


Click Here for Dazzling Dancers 1 (ages 3-5)

Click Here for Dazzling Dancers 2 (ages 5-7)

Click Here for Funky Tumblers Class (ages 4-7)


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