Combo 3 & up Tap, Ballet, & Jazz (ages 7-9)

Combination Classes

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Dance Dynamics combination Tap/ Ballet/Jazz are offered to students 7-9 years old. Theses classes are held weekly for 1.5 hours with a 1/2 hour devoted to each core dance discipline. Improving the speed and precision of footwork is the focus of tap while ballet introduces more complex foundation steps and continues to develop strong base skills. Jazz instruction focuses on developing strength, body control, flexibility, and coordination through a routine of stretching, calisthenics, isolations, movement steps, and center combinations. These students perform tap, ballet and jazz routines in the annual recital and two costumes are required.

Combo Tap/Ballet/Jazz (ages 7-9)


Combo Tap/Ballet/Jazz 7-9 year olds:

Monday 4:30,  Saturday 11:15

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 Shoe requirement and Dress Code:

Ballet:Pink Split Sole all leather Ballet shoes

 Tap: Caramel T9400 - U Shell Buckle Strap Tap Shoe with Star Tone 
 Jazz: Tan T7600 - Jazz Bootie with Gore Inset
Dress Code: Ballet/Tap:Leotard and tights: Any style or color is allowed.
                       Short shiffon skirt is allowed.
                      No sweat pants, dance pants or shorts
                      Jazz:Leotard and tights: Any style or color is allowed.
                                        Black Only jazz pants
                                  No sweat pants, only dancer’s pants.
                       A dance bag of some kind to hold shoes is required.



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